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Five Wives Vodka


Appar­ently, there was a law­suit in Idaho regard­ing this:







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3 Responses to “Five Wives Vodka”

  1. ChazzMatt says:

    Five Wives Vodka “was first sold in Utah in Decem­ber 2011. It is avail­able in Utah and Wyoming and will soon be sold in Mon­tana, Col­orado and other states.”

    Decem­ber 2011? Johnny-come-latelys!

    When they show up in Geor­gia, tell them you have dibs on the 5 Wives name first!

    See Apple vs. Apple

  2. Hey Charles. Thanks for that infor­ma­tion. I tried to find it this after­noon, but the date of their ori­gin was buried in a pile of online news arti­cles. I some­times notice cer­tain IP addresses in cer­tain states visit my web­site from time to time, but I was sur­prised to dis­cover this “coin­ci­dence.” I don’t know for sure about the legal­ity of my own­ing the name, but we are 5 WIVES, not FIVE WIVES. I had to go that route (even though it is not gram­mat­i­cally cor­rect) because there was/is a Rod­ney Dan­ger­field movie enti­tled “Five Wives,” and as a con­se­quence, was already taken. I wanted my domain name to match my busi­ness name.

  3. ChazzMatt says:

    As I men­tioned in an email — “Con­grat­u­la­tions on extend­ing the brand name to other prod­ucts! But I’m not sure I like the new logo.”

    Of course, I’m jok­ing. :)

    Even though this isn’t you (Five Wives Vodka), as an MBA you would know that extend­ing a trusted brand name to other prod­ucts is the quick­est way to get con­sumers to notice a new con­sumer entry or to refresh an exist­ing prod­uct. Like Febreeze… P&G owns lots of deter­gents, clean­ing prod­ucts but now they slap the Febreeze name on many items. Like Mr. Clean. Remem­ber him, the bald, bleached eye­browed guy with an ear­ring? He’s been clean­ing since the late 50’s and has had scented prod­ucts for decades. As a brand he has proven he can stand alone. Yet, now it’s Mr. Clean with Febreeze!

    So 5 Wives and now Five Wives Vodka? We clean your house/run your errands/organize your life so you will you have more time to.…? Hmmm. Not sure, still work­ing on the rest of the con­cept. :)

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